Winter is knocking on our doors here!

Snowy Garden

Snowy Garden:

From my garden at winter times a couple of years ago…

Photo: Linda Åberg Luthman

Put on your warm clothes and take a stroll in the landscape that soon will be covered in snow. The fall is on its ways from us and we will have great winter times instead. Today, some snow came, not so much to begin with but it was a sign of the seasons change.
Trees will have a lair of snow on its branches and the ground will be full of the first untouched snow, All will be silent and the traffic on the big road not so far away from here shall not be as loud as before, the big trucks that comes are going to have huge winter tires but they shall have their fare, passing our small village on their ways to destinations far beyond.

I watch the winter that will come for sure and prepare for all celebrations in December, I shall be careful this year in how I do it. My days shall not be marked by the stress and hysteria that seemingly comes upon us people. I’m going to celebrate the christmas that gives lots of people such joy in a very still and relaxed manner. I’ll  watch the snow flakes coming down from the sky and just contemplate about the season and the message that is brought to people about the peace at christmas for us all.
I really hope that there are some true peace at that times, I can only wish. The world are now a place of great turmoil, I wish all the people on this earth peace.
Some real peace…


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