When leaves are falling…


Photo: Linda Åberg Luthman 2013

Autumn is almost finished by now and we are heading for winter. Some mornings has been nippy and cold. The ground was covered by thick frost this morning. It looked like a layer of icing all over the grass and trees. The garden is now fixed for winterdays and all our outdoor furniture is stacked up in the gazebo. The days ar getting shorter and therefore one has to lighten up inside with lamps and candles. Some candles last longer and that’s good. It might be to expensive otherwise. My purse has a limit believe it or not.

So before winter comes one have to go out on the roads around here to catch the autumn glow, all the colours that is enriched by the sun beams. To see all the trees getting empty and watch all summer birds in the sky when they move to warmer places on earth, is a real experience. It’s a true gift coming from the nature and animal world.

Enjoy autumn while it lasts, soon enough you will tread paths covered in snow!


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