Are we going to hit the same road?

As Greece? Even if Sweden is supposed to be of a strong currency? It’s election-time in Sweden and we are filled with electionpropaganda every day from both the political blocks with various themes. What are we supposed to believe in? The Swedish people have both earned on the conservative political system and not. There are a group of people that have made a massive loss in this political system. I write here about the people that has no other option than struggle through the filters of the beneficary system. They have lost large amounts of money, they have to live outside the society on nothing. Many are homeless, and many of these people find their life hopeless. They try to find aid but are looking for it in vain. They are not a part of the glorious expanding society train. It could be you and it could be me, that is a fact to think upon when you look at one homeless person in the street with shaggy, baggy clothes and no teeth.
Sometimes the life treats us with mercy and other times not!
How about being a little bit humble, you all with a safenet around your way of living…


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