Life is very short.

Then we ought to enjoy life better. Take a strong grip on opportunities and never let chances fly away with the wind of possibilities. But people doesn’t take the opportunities to do something with their lives. Too often you see people who have got stuck in their way of life, and look disappointed hereafter.

I cannot say that I have nourished my virtues but in the nick of time, as many years had passed away I found myself trapped in my own lifestyle, as if my way of life had turned up to be some sort of self preserved prison. Today, the walls has broken one by one and I am trying to make my new kind of life less ordinary. It’s not very easy, especially since I have my arthritis and all kinds of other bodily shortcomings.  Today I pay the price of being ignorant to how the former life I had shaped me.

Now I have to take it easy and live slow, another difficult experience, since I have been in a hurry for all my life. My life was filled with tasks to do and all of them were a result of my own creation. You know that you are in trouble when the duty take over and when you feel frustrated over the fact that you cannot make it in one way or another.

Then you are a slave under your own way of life. It’s not easy to begin the travel towards a life that fill you with all graceful moments of happiness and relief. You have to take small steps from the very first day of how you want to live your life.Many people often make the mistake that they hold these thoughts for themselves. I did for sure.And I can tell you that it’s not a healthy way of living. After a long time of buckling up you burst.  I guess, this is what’s happening to me now. I live in a new area, I feel a bit insecure, my old life lies far away.

So for your own sake do not rush, take your time to think and let your mind free and be careful to ask yourselves: Is this what I want of life?  And be honest to yourselves when you reply too!


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