Hello world!Hello back!

Morning at th High Coast

Photo: Sten Luthman 2009



The world says hello to me and I say hello back to the world! I was brought up to be polite to my fellow human beings. I live in a wonderful part of Sweden called the High Coast and live close to the Bottenhavet, a wonderful seaside with high cliffs, mountains and woods, not very far from our house is Ångermanälven, the river, winding up in serpent waves towards landside of Ångermanland. This part of Sweden is not far away from the high mountains in Jämtland wich is a countryside with an ancient history and high culture, homestead of the clans of hunters and pioneers of mountain-farming. This is the south peak of Samerna, the keepers of reindeer’s and they are a people of their own. They still live under their own cultural laws and history even if many swedish governnements try to limit their self-independence. But Samerna is a people of fighters. They are proud of their history.

I, myself, live close to a modern monument, the High Coast Bridge that rises towards heaven beside Hornöberget an Bottenhavet. Our house lies so near the bridge that we named i t The Bridgewatch when we first moved to this part of Sweden.

The people around here are easy to get along with and there is always one or another occasion to attend to. Ant it is important as newcomers to attend those  village-actions. I try to blend in but sometimes that is a bit difficult as I am a tall, rather stout woman with lots of humour and a virtue of big laughter. But they all seem to have approved. In one way or the other.

So I feel grateful to have experienced this so far and I survived it, that is the big phenomena! But as I wrote earlier in this blog, I was brought up to be polite to my fellow human beings. Well, I forgot to write that I am quite stubborn to. That is a clear advantage for making it through the days at the High Coast.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!Hello back!

  1. Hi Linda, as new-commer here from Ireland, its great to read your thoughts on the area and wonderful to have lovely neighbours. I look forward to reading more of your work – really need to learn swedish as google translate is very good but not brilliant.


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